Other Information
Bar service
- Soups
- Sandwiches (cheese, ham, butter, meat)
- Hot and Cold Beverages
- Cafeteria
Photographers Accreditation
The organization has granted the photo coverage to the company UniqueMoments.photo.
The couples will have access to an online photo gallery. All podium photos will be available and free for printing or download. The podium photos will also be available to download at our page Famalicão Dança.
To the participants in the 2019 WDSF PD World Open Ten Dance Championship we will offer a printed photo size 15cmx20cm.
For other photos and events the photos will be available in digital or paper format to purchase on the day of the event.
Other photographers will have the media area available to do their photos.
Journalism Accreditation
All media have access to event coverage. To do so, you must request accreditation to email academiagindanca@gmail.com