The history of a new image identity
“Talent is the convulsive vibration of the spirit, the inventive originality and wild to the authority, the ecstatic trip throughout the unknown regions of the idea”
Camilo Castelo Branco
Camilo Castelo Branco is an iconic figure of Portuguese literature, being it´s main art symbol in Famalicão.

With him we start this history about talent. The talent associated to artistic manifestation that uses the body as creative instrument. Considered the most ancient and complete, dance allows communication between body movements and gathers in itself the mais artistic areas such as theater and music.
Music is the support of dancing, the movement guide, a unique coordination instrument that is essential for the synchronization between dancers.
Since ancestor artistic manifestations that art has introduced itself as a life characterization from society, beliefs and passions.

Human relations and love experience by two are fundamental marks of our society that have a profound reflex in art in general and dance in particular. It takes two for tango, as for the other dances in latin and standard.
A competition that incentives team spirit and the will to win sharpens the dancers art and ingenuity taking dance to it’s highest standards. It inspires each individual to overcome obstacles at each event.

The trophy is a deserved and awaited applause to the creative soul of the dancers that give themselves on an exceptional way to the passion by dance.
Famalicão Dança
Starting at the four pillars presented we present the story of how the Famalicão Dança logo was born. A unique visual identity that unveils dance character and Famalicão city character. A timeless symbol, inspiring and artistic that boosts the greatness of the event and will make it memorable in dance history.