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General Admission Seat
15 €

access to a non reserved seat
Child General Admission Seat
7.5 €

child’s from 3 to 12 years old
Portuguese Dance Sport Federation (PDSF)
7.5 €

registered athletes in PDSF
150 €

6 Seats close to the Dance Floor
WDSF World Championship Ten Dance
Gindança – Associação de Ginástica e Dança de Famalicão, will promote the 9th edition of “Famalicão Dança®” on the 11th of November this year. The World Dance Sport Federation, WDSF, has given us the honour and responsibility of organizing one of the most important competitions on the official calendar, the 2023 WDSF World Championship Adult Ten Dance. The Portuguese Dance Sport Federation, FPDD, granted us in addition one National Ranking event. With our event Vila Nova de Famalicão will once again be the world capital of Dance Sport.
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We have the honor and enormous pleasure to present the 9th edition of Famalicão Dança. One again Portugal namely Vila Nova de Famalicão will host Dance Sport at its highest level.
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Famalicão, your place
Famalicão is made of and for people. Like a circle that completes itself and continuously renews itself, Famalicão gains new life every day and offers everyone its most valuable assets. A land of peace, of opportunity. A city that unites places made of tradition and modernity and where the future is shaped by everyone, every day.
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The history of a new image identity
“Talent is the convulsive vibration of the spirit, the inventive originality and wild to the authority, the ecstatic trip throughout the unknown regions of the idea”
Camilo Castelo Branco
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